News of Radio Prague

Ferrero-Waldner: no use of veto threats

Austrian foreign minister Benita Ferrero-Waldner has rejected threats voiced by some politicians in her country that Austria might veto the Czech Republic's accession to the EU, should Prague not close down the controversial nuclear power station at Temelin. She was reacting to a petition organised by the far-right Freedom Party calling on the Austrian Parliament to condition its approval of the Czech Republic's membership of the EU upon the closing of Temelin. She said such ultimate demands could only injure Austria's own interests ahead of the completion of accession negotiations.

Authorities put a stop to illegal techno party in Ralsko

Local authorities, with the assistance of police, have stopped an illegal techno party called 'Czech Tech', being held in a former military training area near Ralsko, Northern Bohemia. Nearly 12,000 techno-music fans gathered there on Saturday after authorities prevented them from holding the party close to Prague. Local authorities in Ralsko asked for police assistance following fears that the partying crowd might start a forest fire in the area. The area is also a protected natural reserve, the authorities said, and the noise produced by the party disturbed rare animal species living there.

Heroin the main problem for Roma in Ostrava

The Roma minority in the North Moravian town of Ostrava is being destroyed by heroin, According to the head of the Czech police anti-drug department, Jiri Komorous. Mr. Komorous said that there has been a recent dramatic increase in the number of heroin addicts amongst the local Roma community. Experts estimate that up to 50 percent of all Roma living in Ostrava have experience of drugs and ten percent are regular users.

Drug producers arrested

On a related note, and the police in Zlate Hory, Northern Moravia, have arrested an organised criminal gang that, since 1999, have allegedly been producing and selling the drug pervitin. The police said all three members of the gang were arrested and charged with illegal production and distribution of drugs.

India might buy Czech L-159 trainer jets

India's defence ministry is considering the Czech-made Aero L-159 sub-sonic trainer jet as one of the options available for equipping its air force with training aircraft. L-159 must compete with four other bidders after an almost-concluded deal between India and Britain's BAE Systems, for 66 Hawk trainer jets, fell through. The Indian Air Force is in desperate need of trainer jets as it wishes to improve the flying skills of its pilots, many of whom now go straight from basic aircraft to flying Russian MiG-21 jet fighters. The air force has a woeful accident record and has lost more than 200 jets since 1991, mostly Russian-made MiGs.

Czech weather report

And finally, the weather forecast. We are expecting a partially cloudy day on Monday with a chance of showers and thunderstorms in the Eastern parts of the country. The highest daytime temperatures should range from 25 to 29 degrees Celsius.