News of Radio Prague

Czech government: Temelin is safe

The Czech government claims that the country is able to guarantee the safe operation of the nuclear power station at Temelin, South Bohemia. Czech deputy Prime Minister Vladimir Spidla rejected calls by German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer to shut Temelin down. The plant has come under severe criticism from neighbouring Austria and Germany for its alleged low safety standards. However, Mr Spidla stressed that all known technology and procedures have been applied to ensure the maximum safety of the power station.

Brits explain immigration measures

The British Home Office claims that abuse of its immigration controls led to the introduction of a pre-clearance procedure at Prague-Ruzyne airport. Under the scheme, British immigration officers are now based at the airport in order to question passengers set to board direct flights to the UK. Since the scheme was introduced last week, around 50 people have been denied access to the UK, most of whom were Czech citizens of Roma origin. Critics say the measures are discriminatory, although London denies that they are aimed specifically at Czech Roma.

Czechs, Poles and Slovaks to set up a joint military unit

The Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia are planning to set up a joint military unit that will be available for NATO operations. The unit will be stationed in Slovakia, which unlike the other two countries, is not a member of the alliance. The Czech and Polish Ministers of Defence - Jaroslav Tvrdik and Bronislaw Komorowski - and Foreign Ministers, Jan Kavan and Wladyslaw Bartoszewski, met in Prague on Monday to discuss details of the cooperation. The main aim of the project is to support Slovakia's bid to join NATO, and a relevant multilateral agreement is to be signed by September 20th.

Neo-nazi skinhead stabs Roma man to death

Police in the Moravian town of Svitavy have reported that they arrested a 22-year old neo-nazi skinhead, suspected of a murdering local resident of Roma origin. The young man allegedly shouted racist slogans and then stabbed to death a Roma man at a discotheque on Saturday. The police charged him with a racially motivated murder and if convicted, the man could be sentenced to 15 years to prison.

Weather to be bad, meteorologists warn of floods

And finally, the weather forecast. Weather in Eastern parts of the Czech Republic will be influenced by a low pressure area over Ukraine which will bring heavy rains. In other parts of the country, we are expecting partially cloudy weather with rain showers. The highest daytime temperatures will range from 21 to 25 degrees Celsius.