News of Radio Prague

Czech Foreign Minister addresses US Council on Foreign Relations

On a working visit to the United States, the Czech Foreign Minister Jan Kavan addressed the US Council on Foreign Relations. Mr. Kavan emphasized the importance of the Trans-Atlantic alliance for European and world stability. He said that the European Union's expansion eastward would not threaten the Union's integrity not weaken its relationship with the United States. A united Europe will be a better partner for the United States and be better prepared to tackle the challenges that lie ahead, the Czech official noted. The Czech foreign minister also visited the Czech Centre in New York. Mr. Kavan refused to break off the week long visit to the United States despite the fact that he suffered a mild heart attack shortly after arriving in Washington. His scheduled meeting with US Secretary of State Colin Powel has been postponed to a later date.

Education ministers want free movement of students in Europe

Education ministers from 30 European countries have called for free movement of students and academicians in Europe. At the close of their two day conference in Prague the education ministers of thirty European states agreed on the need to establish a system of closer cooperation which would enable students to move around more and benefit from foreign study stays. The plan implies comparing the level of education at various institutions and setting a certain European standard which would enable universities and high schools who adhere to it to recognize the validity of foreign certificates. The Prague conference was attended by some 250 academicians and students.

Gathering of right wing radicals passes without incident

A gathering of 200 right wing radicals in the town of Most, in north-western Bohemia, is reported to have passed without incident. According to the CTK news agency the meeting was organized in homage to the memory of Milos Reha, a right wing activist who was killed in a brawl two years ago. The event took place under heavy police supervision.

Police out in force for neo-Nazi concert

Prague police are expected to be out in force on Saturday night for another neo- Nazi concert which is to take place on the suburbs of the city. The concert is an annual event generally attended by around 100 skinheads and neo-Nazis. The concert has not been approved by the city hall but district police say they will not interfere unless they see violation of the law. Interior Minister Stanislav Gross recently slammed the police for turning a blind eye to fascist propaganda and racist slogans at a neo-Nazi gathering near Senohraby. He ordered the police to be a great deal more alert to such violation of the law at future gatherings. Coincidentally, on Monday the interior minister is to present the government with a law-enforcement plan aimed at cracking down on racial abuse.


Sunday is expected to bring partly cloudy skies and day temps between 16 and 20 degs C. We can expect a slight improvement at the beginning of next week –with temps climbing one or two degs higher.