News of Radio Prague

Temelin back on-line after 10-day break

The Temelin nuclear power plant in South Bohemia was put back on-line on Sunday, following a shutdown eleven days ago for minor repairs. Three regulatory valves, which are meant to reduce high-pressure turbine vibrations, were repaired during the break. Temelin has been severely criticised by Austrian anti-nuclear activists, who recruited U.S. lawyer Ed Fagan in February to help them in their fight to have the plant shut down. Mr. Fagan, who has demanded documents proving the plant's safety by March 20th, is expected to meet Czech environmentalists in the Czech Republic on Monday. He plans to visit Temelin on Tuesday.

Computer hackers access official Czech Republic web-site

An official Foreign Ministry web-site providing information about the Czech Republic was broken into by hackers on Saturday. Instead of the site's home page, which introduces the Czech Republic to the rest of the world, visitors were greeted by two men on a black screen with a text message announcing that the Czech Republic now has a new government. Hackweiser, which is the group of hackers responsible, says it's delighted with what it says is a victory, and have promised to strike again.

Czech TV rebel journalists receive German award

The German media trade union has presented rebel journalists at Czech Television - who forced the resignation of Czech TV director, Jiri Hodac in January - with the Glass House 2001 award. The award was presented to them in Berlin on Sunday, in appreciation of what the German media trade union called their brave and successful struggle for independent journalism. The future of the Czech Republic's public television station was uncertain for several months, after news staff refused to accept the appointment of Jiri Hodac as Czech TV director, describing him as politically biased.

Czech Senators in Vienna to improve Czech-Austrian relations

A delegation of the Czech Senate's foreign affairs committee is currently on an official visit to Vienna. Under the leadership of Senator Michael Zantovsky, the delegation plans to meet with their Austrian counterparts as well as the chairman of the lower house of the Austrian parliament, Heinz Fischer, to discuss the future of Czech-Austrian relations. Several weeks ago, Austria's Benita Ferrero-Waldner announced that Austrian foreign policy would concentrate on developing a strategic partnership with its neighbours and would support its neighbouring candidates for attaining EU membership.

Two journalists caught up in Macedonian war zone

A Czech and a Slovak journalist who were trapped overnight amidst fighting between Albanian separatists and Macedonian government forces in Tetovo, in West Macedonia are now back in safety. Michal Novotny from the Czech daily Lidove Noviny and his Slovak colleague Juraj Tomaga from the Slovak daily SME, were reporting on the conflict when what started off as sporadic shooting turned into a large-scale gun battle. As the two journalists were apparently unable to leave the area to seek refuge elsewhere, they were forced to spend the night in the war zone.

Man kills three and then himself

Police in the South Moravian town of Stonarov na Jihlavsku say a young man murdered three people and then committed suicide on Saturday night. The man was apparently distressed over a recent break-up with his ex-girlfriend. According to the police, he entered her home at night and murdered her parents with a knife. When his ex-girlfriend returned home, he shot her dead. Her sister managed to escape during the incident. A police spokesman said that the man then turned the gun on himself and committed suicide.


And finally, a quick look at the weather. Today shall be overcast with scattered showers with temperatures between 4 to 5 degrees Celsius. Tonight is expected to remain overcast to cloudy with occasional snow-showers. Night-time temperatures are forecast at 0 to -4 degrees Celsius. Tuesday's day-time temperatures will range from 1 to 5 degrees Celsius.