News of Radio Prague

Temelin back on line

The Temelin nuclear power plant renewed testing operations on Saturday following a few hours of emergency repair work. According to the plant's spokesman Milan Nebesar the reason for the shutdown –a problem with the regulation of pressure in the generator- posed no threat to nuclear safety and was fixed within a matter of hours. The plant was re-connected to the main power grid early on Saturday and is once again operating at 100% capacity.

Nuclear safety exercise postponed

An emergency safety exercise to simulate the effects of a nuclear disaster which was to have been conducted in the vicinity of the Temelin nuclear power plant has been postponed in connection with the anti-nuclear protest actions in neighbouring Austria. The two-day nuclear safety exercise involving local authorities, regional safety councils, fire-crews and police, was to have taken place next week and has been postponed till March at the Czech government's request. According to government spokesman Ales Pospisil the Czech authorities do not want to add to the tension in neighboring Austria where anti- nuclear opponents are drumming up support for a national petition demanding the plant's closure.

Faculty of Theology needs to change

The rector of Charles University Ivan Wilhelm has warned the Faculty of Theology to open the door to change or face abolition. The faculty has recently come under a barrage of criticism for being "ultra-conservative", outdated and failing to meet the required standards of university education. The faculty of theology of Charles University , which is allegedly the oldest faculty of its kind in the world, has likewise been criticized by the Czech Catholic Church which is making an effort to find a new mission and role in society in the 21st century.

Policeman shoots two pit bulls in self-defense

A police officer in Brno, Moravia, is reported to have shot dead two stray pit bull terriers in self defense. Two police officers were called to round up the pit bulls after they had attacked a woman walking her dog. As the officers were closing in, the dogs suddenly attacked one of them biting him in the arm and leg. The locals said the dogs had been seen roaming free on several previous occasions. The police say they have found the dog's owner and the matter is being investigated. Earlier this week police in the Moravian town of Blansko shot dead a rottweiler and injured another after they attacked a man in the street. Their owner said the dogs had escaped from his garden.

And finally a quick look at the weather forecast :

More snow is expected to fall overnight with temps between minus 2 and minus 7 degs C. Sunday should bring partly cloudy to overcast skies, more scattered showers and day temps between plus 2 and minus 2 degs.