News of Radio Prague

Austria adopts resolution to reserve right to re-open energy chapter

The Austrian government has adopted a resolution which reserves the right to re-open the energy chapter at any time during the Czech Republic's accession talks with the EU. The resolution was adopted after protest from the minor coalition Freedom Party at an agreement signed between Prague and Vienna in Brussels last month. Under the compromise, Prague agreed to adopt stricter safety measures at the Temelin nuclear power plant and Vienna promised not to hinder the Czech Republic's energy talks with the European Union. Freedom Party Chairman and Vice-Chancellor Susanne Riess-Passer said that any agreement on Temelin made on behalf of Austria should be made by both coalition parties and not just the senior coalition People's Party. Austria's Foreign Minister, Benita Ferrero-Waldner, is expected to present Austria's resolution to the EU on Monday.

Verheugen "disappointed" with Austria over Temelin

And the EU Commissioner for Enlargement, Guenther Verheugen, has said he is disappointed with the reaction of some Austrian politicians with the Brussels agreement. Speaking in an interview with Austria's Format magazine, Mr Verheugen said he was not surprised by the rejection of the agreement by some politicians, but told the magazine he was disappointed. Mr Verheugen added that once the EU energy chapter is closed, negotiations could not be opened again any time.

Kickboxing championships called off after death

The Czech Kickboxing Championships in the town of Chrudim were called off on Saturday after one of the competitors died after losing consciousness in the ring. Nineteen-year-old Zdenek Vobejda collapsed during a bout and was rushed to hospital, but died minutes later. The cause of death has yet to be determined.

Cesky Slavik music awards

The country's rich and famous gathered at Prague's State Opera on Saturday to attend the Cesky Slavik music awards - the Czech equivalent of the Grammys. The results came as little surprise to the audience, with Lucie Bila, Karel Gott and the rock group Lucie winning gold awards. In the six years of the Cesky Slavik awards, Lucie Bila has won every year, Karel Gott five times out of six, and Lucie three. Silver was won by Helena Vondrackova, Daniel Hulka, and Olympik. Iveta Bartosova, Martin Maxa, and the girl group Holky received bronze awards.


And finally a quick look at the weather forecast. Monday will be cloudy with snow in northern parts of the country. Daytime temperatures are expected to reach between minus four and zero degrees Celsius. Monday night shall be much the same with temperatures ranging between zero and minus four degrees Celsius. Tuesday will be cloudy with showers and possible snow throughout the country and temperatures between minus two and plus two degrees Celsius.