Arrest warrant issued for one of the country's richest entrepreneurs

Police fear another Czech businessman, for whom an arrest warrant has been issued, has left the country to avoid prosecution. Tomas Pitr was found guilty of tax evasion last month and was sentenced to 8.5 years in prison. He appealed the verdict. Fearing he would leave the country, Prague's Municipal Court issued a warrant for his arrest last week. In a telephone interview with the internet news server Novinky on Thursday, Mr Pitr said he was on holiday in the Swiss Alps and had yet to decide whether or not he would return to the Czech Republic.

Tomas Pitr is one of the country's richest entrepreneurs. Earlier this year, another Czech millionaire, Radovan Krejcir, who is wanted on charges of fraud and planning the murder of a customs official, escaped to the Seychelles.

State prosecution files more charges against MEP Vladimir Zelezny

The state prosecution has filed another charge against TV magnate turned politician Vladimir Zelezny. The Czech European Parliament member is accused of the attempt to harm a creditor when he held the post of general director at the popular commercial station TV Nova. Mr Zelezny is already under investigation for tax evasion amounting to 6.8 million crowns (some 280,000 US dollars).

Alcohol sold cheap

Czech wholesalers and retailers have been selling alcohol well below average price. Under Czech law they have until the end of the year to empty their stocks of spirits that are not labelled with a new tax stamps, or else face a heavy fine. Spirits with an alcohol content of 15% or higher have to be properly labelled and have the stamp. As of January 1 2006, any wholesaler or retailer who violates the law can face a fine of up to 5 million Czech crowns (over 200,000 US dollars).

Hunter shoots man after mistaking him for wild boar

A hunter who accidentally shot dead a fellow hunter on Wednesday has been charged with grievous bodily harm. The hunter says he mistook the man for a wild boar.

Hochtief VSB wins Defence Ministry tender

One of the largest construction companies in the country, Hochtief VSB, has won a tender to reconstruct buildings belonging to the Czech Defence Ministry. The contract for the one billion crown project is expected to be signed in the next few days. The other companies that entered the tender were Metrostav, Prumstav, Subterra, and Konstruktiva Branko.

Prague's Ruzyne airport back in operation

Prague's international Ruzyne airport is back in full operation after limiting services for several hours on Thursday after heavy snow disrupted transport across the country.

Weather forecast

The next few days will be partially cloudy with night-time temperatures well below freezing point and daytime temperatures between -6 and -2 degrees Celsius. Meteorologists are expecting more snow in Moravia and in higher altitudes.