Topolanek and Paroubek hold surprise meeting

Civic Democratic chairman Mirek Topolanek and Social Democratic chairman Jiri Paroubek met on Wednesday morning at the official residence of the prime minister. The two men—Mr. Topolanek as prime minister designate and Mr. Paroubek, the outgoing prime minister—are in the midst of intense negotiations over the formation of a new government. The Wednesday morning meeting came as a surprise, after Tuesday's scuffles over where a meeting between the two men would take place, and who was to be present. The Civic Democrats are currently trying to secure support for a minority government from the Social Democratic Party. Both Mr. Topolanek and Mr. Paroubek have now expressed confidence in a possible solution to the political deadlock, saying that it could be a matter of only a few more days.

Czech mission in Lebanon still under consideration

The outgoing Social Democratic cabinet is still discussing the possibility of sending Czech soldiers to Lebanon, to join an international peacekeeping force administered by the United Nations. According to Foreign Minister Cyril Svoboda, Friday's meeting of European Union foreign ministers will be key to the Czech Republic's decision. Mr. Svoboda says that it is important to clarify whether the Czech mission's mandate would be one of peacekeeping and observation, or whether the units would also be charged with disarming Hizballah. The foreign minister is also concerned about the costs of such a mission, and says that it must not jeopardize ongoing Czech peacekeeping in Afghanistan, Iraq, Kosovo, or Bosnia-Hercegovina. Mr. Svoboda's public statements on the issue of Czech involvement in Lebanon have been more cautious than those of the outgoing prime minister, Jiri Paroubek.

On-line banking clients suffer losses

One of the Czech Republic's largest banks, Komercni banka, has confirmed that money disappeared from the accounts of ten clients using the on-line banking service, My Bank, or Mojebanka. A bank spokesperson said that Komercni banka's security system was not over-ridden, but that the thieves accessed information on personal computers, thus gaining access to accounts. Komercni banka has already covered the losses of its clients and a criminal investigation into the matter is underway. It is unclear how much money was stolen, or who the perpetrators are. Meanwhile, Komercni banka is introducing new safety measures for its on-line banking clients, combining the traditional computer access password with a code sent to the client's mobile phone.

Ruzyne airport goes off high-alert

High-alert security measures in place at Prague's Ruzyne airport since August 10 have been called-off, says an airport spokesperson. The extra precautions at customs were put in place after the discovery of a planned terrorist attack originating in London and aimed at the United States. Since then, travelers leaving Prague for destinations in the United Kingdom were forced to undergo extremely thorough screenings at passport control. However, the ban on fluids and gels aboard planes flying to the U.S. remains in place.

Czech TV moderator is demoted after interview with Jiri Paroubek

A moderator at Czech TV, David Bork, has been fired from his position as host of the program "Udalosti" because of his handling of an interview with outgoing Prime Minister Jiri Paroubek. The decision was made by Czech TV director Zdenek Samal, who says that Mr. Bork did not manage to hold his own in the televised discussion which aired on August 16. According to Mr. Samal, the moderator was ill-prepared for the discussion, and he also crossed the line by interrupting Mr. Paroubek several times. The decision is said to have been made independently; Mr. Paroubek made no complaints about the interview. David Bork remains employed at Czech TV, as a member of the economics department where he worked previously.

Klaus to decide on new judges

At its cabinet meeting on Wednesday, the outgoing government approved 29 new candidates seeking judges' positions. In order to be called to the bench, President Vaclav Klaus must approve the individual candidates. In the past, President Vaclav Klaus refused to endorse judicial nominees who were less than 30 years of age; 14 of the new candidates waiting for approval are under the age of 30.


Daytime highs are expected to reach 23 degrees Celsius, with party cloudy skies.