Svoboda, Simonovsky resign from high party posts

Outgoing Foreign Minister Cyril Svoboda and outgoing Transport Minister Milan Simonovsky, both deputy chairmen of the Christian Democratic Party, have resigned from their party posts. They did so amid a tense atmosphere in the party caused by the negotiations last week between party chairman Miroslav Kalousek and the Social Democrats on a communist-supported government. Mr Kalousek's move met with a negative response among party members resulting in his resignation on Friday.

Civic Democrats considering possible types of government

The Civic Democratic Party which won the largest share of the votes in June's national elections, is considering the possible types of government that party leader and Prime Minister designate Mirek Topolanek is going to propose to President Vaclav Klaus on Friday. Mr Topolanek speaks of three versions of temporary cabinets which would lead the country to early elections next year. Some party officials also speak of the possibility of a regular government which could serve a full term on condition that outgoing Prime Minister and chairman of the Social Democrats Jiri Paroubek steps down as party leader, thus allowing for a compromise deal on the future government. The June elections produced a deadlock on the Czech political scene where no political block has a clear majority in the lower house of parliament.

Officer arrested at neo-Nazi demonstration dismissed from police force

Prague police say the police officer who took part in a neo-Nazi demonstration on Sunday has been dismissed from the police force. He was among the 26 people detained during a far-right protest outside the Israeli embassy on Sunday. The rally was held against Israel's foreign policy in the Middle East and was attended by several dozen people. Knives, truncheons, and other weapons, including gas pistols were confiscated.

90 asylum seekers escape from refugee centres

The Interior Ministry has said that some 90 refugees, who had applied for asylum in the Czech Republic, escaped from two refugee centres in North Moravia and Central Bohemia at the end of last week. The ministry says it was most likely an organised escape masterminded by people smugglers and the asylum seekers are expected to try and cross the Czech border to get further west. Under Czech legislation, an escape from a refugee centre is an infringement on the asylum law. The Interior Ministry added most of the refugees were economic migrants who would not have qualified for asylum in the Czech Republic.

Customs officers seize fake brand shoes worth millions of crowns

Customs officers have confiscated around 3,000 pairs of counterfeit brand shoes worth several million crowns in shopping centres around the country. All the fake brand products belonged to one company based in the eastern city of Ostrava, according to the CTK news agency owned by a Polish businessman.

Jarolim out for a month

Hamburg's Czech international midfielder David Jarolim will be out for four to six weeks after tearing a muscle in his forearm, his club's doctor said on Monday. The 27-year-old suffered the injury in Hamburg's 1:1 draw with Hertha Berlin on Sunday and has had his arm put in plaster. It means Jarolim, named in Karel Bruckner's national squad for upcoming Euro 2008 qualifiers against Wales and Slovakia in the next ten days, will miss those two matches.


The next few days will remain cloudy with occasional rain and daytime temperatures below 20 degrees Celsius. It is expected to get warmer and sunnier towards the end of the week with daytime temperatures in the low twenties.