Prague under high-security alert

The Czech capital, Prague, is under a high-alert security watch. At an extraordinary overnight session that began at 23:00 on Friday night, the Czech cabinet decided to increase security measures in the capital city—effective immediately—because of a possible terrorist threat. Prague's Ruzyne airport has implemented what are being described as "massive security measures," though no flights have been cancelled. The city centre and other possible targets are also being patrolled by additional specialized police units, and the police chief says that there is no need to call for the army's assistance at this time. On Saturday morning, Czech Interior Minister Ivan Langer said that it is the first time that the Czech Republic faces such a concrete threat.

Shortly after the measures were announced, a bomb threat was called in that resulted in the closure of Prague's metro line 'C' for about an hour. No explosive was found.

The daily Pravo's on-line service, Novinky, writes that the terrorist threat is related to the Jewish New Year, and that Prague's Jewish district of Josefov likely faces the most serious threat. Speaking at a press conference, Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek said that he would neither deny nor confirm the reports. Authorities have said that the situation in the Czech capital is connected to Friday's developments in Norway, where four men were arrested and police are said to have uncovered a terrorist plot to bomb the Israeli and American embassies in Norway.

Milos Zeman won't support Jiri Paroubek

In an interview for the Saturday edition of Prazsky Denik, former Social Democratic prime minister Milos Zeman says that he will not support the current Social Democratic leader, Jiri Paroubek, at the next party congress due to be held in spring 2007. Mr. Zeman says he made the decision to withhold his support for the party's current leader after Mr. Paroubek addressed him harshly on Thursday, saying that Mr. Zeman should behave as a regular member of the Social Democratic Party, and refrain from receiving other leading politicians as guests at his home. Tensions flared after news of the current Finance Minister Vlastimil Tlusty's visit to Mr. Zeman earlier this week Mr. Zeman, who lent his support to Jiri Paroubek in the spring general election campaign, says that he will no longer assist the Social Democratic Party—a party he helped build in the 1990s.

Svatopluk Karasek dismissed as human rights commissioner

Svatopluk Karasek has been dismissed as the government's human rights commissioner. In an interview for the daily Pravo, Mr. Karasek said that he was dismissed without reason, and the paper notes that the Civic Democratic cabinet did not make the information public at its regular press conference following the Wednesday decision. Reacting to the news at a press conference on Saturday, Social Democrat leader Jiri Paroubek said that while he and Mr. Karasek did not always get along and are not men of the same blood, Mr. Karasek did his job well since being appointed in November 2004. Mr. Karasek has been replaced by former Civic Democratic MP Jan Litomisky.

Czechoslovak Hussite Church has new patriarch

Tomas Butta has been elected as the new patriarch of the Czechoslovak Hussite Church. Mr. Butta won the requisite number of votes in the first round, with 375 of 557 in his favour. The new patriarch will be sworn in at a ceremony on September 28 in Prague's St. Michael's Church on the Old Town Square. Tomas Butta was born in 1958 in Prague and became a priest of the Hussite Church in 1984. The Czechoslovak Hussite Church is the third largest religious institution in the Czech Republic, with about 100 000 members.

New US Ambassador arrives in Prague

The new American Ambassador to the Czech Republic, Richard Graber, has arrived in Prague. A forty-nine year old lawyer, Mr. Graber studied at Boston University. He has appeared as a commentator on the popular US news show Larry King Live, and prior to his diplomatic appointment Richard Graber led the Republican Party in Wisconsin and acted as spokesman for President George Bush during the election campaign of 2004. Mr. Graber succeeds William Cabaniss as the US Ambassador in Prague.

Presidential residence holds open doors this weekend

During the course of this weekend, the presidential residence of Lany near Prague is opening its doors to the public. The Prague Castle administration decided on the open door event to celebrate the 85th anniversary of the purchase of the Lany chateaux, which is the official residence of the head of state. During the course of the past 50 years, the baroque chateaux has only been opened for public viewing twice, during the months of March and September 2000.

Hradecka and Voracova win Portoroz WTA and national team advances

Lucie Hradecka and Renata Voracova have won the women's doubles at the WTA tournament in Portoroz, Slovenia. The victory came effortlessly as a member of the opposing team, Emilie Loit of France, had to withdraw from the final after injuring her wrist in the semifinal match.

Meanwhile, the Czech national team has earned a place in the Davis Cup rankings thanks to a dramatic match played in the Netherlands. Victorious in a key men's doubles match, Czech players Tomas Berdych and Martin Damm defeated the Dutch duo of Peter Wessels and Rogier Wassen in 3:1 sets, 6:7 (4:7), 5:7, 7:6 (7:2), 6:7 (4:7).


Sunny weather has been forecast throughout the weekend, with daytime highs of around 22 degrees Celsius.