Prague Mayor Bem: next government should be caretaker government

The Prague Mayor and deputy chairman of the Civic Democratic Party, Pavel Bem, says current Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek would not hold onto the post if his party were given a second chance to form a new government. Mr Topolanek's cabinet is expected to resign on Wednesday after it failed to win a vote of confidence in the lower house of Parliament last week. In a televised debate Mr Bem, who is strongly in favour of early elections, said the next government proposed by the Civic Democrats would be a caretaker government. He added that there are at least three independent experts who his party sees fit to hold the post of prime minister.

President Klaus and Vaclav Havel meet at Lany for birthday lunch

President Vaclav Klaus met with his predecessor Vaclav Havel at Lany Chateau, west of Prague, on Sunday afternoon. The two men and their wives had lunch at the presidential retreat to celebrate Vaclav Havel's birthday; he turned 70 on Thursday. Mr Havel received a replica of an office desk that once belonged to Czechoslovakia's first President Tomas Garrigue Masaryk.

Forum 2000 conference opens in Prague

Former Czech president Vaclav Havel opens the Forum 2000 international conference in Prague on Sunday evening. The conference, the first of which was held ten years ago, continues until Tuesday and focuses on the dilemmas of global coexistence. Among the over three dozen speakers at this year's event are Belarusian opposition leader Alexander Milinkevich, HRH Prince Hassan bin Talal, and Nobel Peace Prize holders the Dalai Lama and US author Elie Wiesel.

Czech-Polish-German obelisk memorial unveiled in border area

An obelisk in memory of the joint past of the Czechs, Poles, and Germans has been unveiled in the villages of Kopacov and Oldrichov. The villages now lie on either side of the Czech-Polish border but used to be united. After the Second World War its entire German population was expelled. The obelisk is also a symbol of the three countries' cooperation today.

Border blockade in protest at Temelin nuclear power plant

Austrian opponents of the Temelin nuclear power plant, which is located in Bohemia some 50 km from the Czech-Austrian border, blocked a border crossing on Sunday. The activists hindered traffic with some ten tractors parked at the Wullowitz-Dolni Dvoriste crossing. Austria is a nuclear-free country, and many of its citizens oppose the launch of the power plant.

Martina Navratilova to launch Art Grand Slam exhibition in Prague

Czech-born tennis star Martina Navratilova will be opening an exhibition named Art Grand Slam in Prague next week. The project, initiated by Slovak artist Juraj Kralik, combines tennis and art and will be on show at Prague's Congress Centre. Mr Kralik paints pictures onto which Martina Navratilova then creates patterns by hitting them with paint-covered tennis balls.

Decent Fellow wins Pardubicka Steeplechase

The 116th Velka Pardubicka Grand Steeplechase, the biggest event in Czech horseracing, was won by 11 year-old Decent Fellow, who was ridden by jockey Josef Bartos on Sunday. Decent Fellow has won second and third place twice in past Velka Pardubicka races. Last year's winner, Maskul, did not finish the race.


The next few days are expected to bring partially clear skies and day temperatures between 14 and 19 degrees Celsius. Temperatures will rise gradually to reach highs of 21 degrees Celsius by the middle of the week.