"No to Bases" initiative staging a protest march against US radar base

The "No to Bases" civic initiative staged a protest march against the possible stationing of a US radar base in the Brdy military zone on Saturday afternoon. Some 200 people attended the protest march, which took place at the planned location of the radar base.

Earlier this week, mayors from municipalities near the Brdy military grounds formed an association of towns and villages opposed to the deployment of a US radar base to the Czech Republic. If the Czech Republic and the US find agreement in negotiations, the radar base could be stationed at the Brdy military zone near Misov, west Bohemia, some 90 kilometres southwest of Prague.

Vaclav Havel insists on his wife featuring in his new drama

Playwright and former Czech president Vaclav Havel withdrew his new drama Odchazeni (Leaving) from the National Theatre, which was to have produced the play in May 2008. The theatre refused to cast his wife, actress Dagmar Havlova, in a leading role. Meanwhile, other Czech as well as foreign theatres have expressed their interest in staging the long awaited play.

Social Democrats plan to restrict funding of election campaigns

The country's largest opposition party, the Social Democrats, will propose a bill to the lower house in September restricting the funding of election campaigns. The exact sum should ensue from the deputies' debate, but it could range between millions and ten millions of crowns. Last year, the Social Democrats invested a total of 260 million crowns (13,000 USD) for their election campaigns. They say the proposal is mainly designed to protect smaller parties.

Czech president criticized EU agricultural policy

Czech President Vaclav Klaus visited the annual international exhibition Zeme Zivitelka (Nourishing Earth) which takes place in Ceske Budejovice in South Bohemia. The Czech head of state awarded the best local food producers, using the opportunity to criticize the agricultural policy of the European Union, which is, according to him, dominated by too many regulations and quota. More than 700 exhibitors from all over the world attended the exhibition, which has entered its 34th year.

Ruling Civic Democrats want to occupy parliamentary committees

The largest ruling coalition party, the Civic Democrats, are preparing changes in the lower house that would enable them to occupy the posts of chairmen of key committees that are now dominated by the opposition, Lidove Noviny reported. At present, the budget, health and controlling committee are headed by opposition Social Democrats and Communists. The Civic Democrats would also like to change the number of deputies in the committees, which now have an equal representation of the opposition and the coalition members.

US congressmen to discuss Cuba in Prague

A team of US congressmen specialized in democratization of Cuba will arrive in Prague on Monday for a two-day visit. They are scheduled to meet with Czech Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg, Czech ambassador to Cuba and members of non-profit organizations. The Czech Republic belongs among the biggest critics of Cuban regime and has been long promoting human rights and political freedoms in Cuba.

Czech far-right extremist demonstrate in Moravia

Some 20 members and followers of the Czech extreme right National Corporativism group staged a demonstration on Saturday afternoon at the Moravian town of Holesov. The group marched from the railway station to the local square, being shadowed by anti-fascist supporters, but no violence was reported. The event was monitored by the police.

Legendary Sonic Youth to perform in Prague

The legendary rock band Sonic Youth will play in Prague's Archa Theatre on Saturday. The band, which last held a concert in Prague eleven years ago, has many supporters in the Czech Republic and the tickets have been sold out long ago.


Mostly clear skies are expected in the following days, with daytime temperatures expected to reach highs of around 27 degrees Celsius.