Chamber to discuss Lisbon Treaty for first time next week

The Chamber of Deputies is to hold its first discussion of the Treaty of Lisbon next week, the deputy chairman of the lower house’s foreign affairs committee told reporters. Also known as the Reform Treaty, the document amends the existing treaties of the European Union and replaces a failed EU constitution. However after the Czech lower house’s first reading of the treaty, the matter will be put on ice, possibly until after the summer. If all 27 members of the EU ratify the document, it should come into effect at the start of next year, during the Czech Republic’s presidency of the union.

Ceremonies held to mark nine years of NATO membership

Ceremonies have been held at most of the military bases in the Czech Republic to mark the ninth anniversary of the country joining NATO. The Czech Army has undergone significant reform since the country became a member of NATO in March 1999, with the biggest single change the ending of compulsory military service and the creation of a fully professional army.

Právo: Czech court hands down first sentence for sham marriage

A Czech court has for the first time sentenced somebody for entering into a fake marriage, Právo reported. A 35-year-old woman from Plzeň was given a suspended sentence after receiving around CZK 35,000 for marrying a Pakistani man so he could get permanent residence in the Czech Republic, the newspaper said. The Czech woman met the man for the first time shortly before their wedding ceremony at a registry office in Ukraine. A law came into effect last July making it illegal for Czechs to enter into such a union.

Industrial output rises almost 10 percent in January

Industrial output rose by 9.3 percent year-on-year in January, according to figures just released by the Czech Statistical Office. That growth was mainly driven by increased production of electrical and optical instruments and transport equipment. Industrial revenues were up by 8.5 percent in constant prices and 8.8 percent in current prices in the first month of this year.

Czech crown again sets new high to US dollar

The Czech currency the crown has reached another new high against the US dollar, trading at 16.17 to the dollar at lunchtime on Wednesday, the financial news website Patria Online said. The crown fell slightly to the US currency in afternoon trading. It has also set record highs against the common European currency the euro in recent weeks.

Taxi driver shoots passenger during robbery attempt

A taxi driver in Český Krumlov shot dead a passenger who tried to rob him early on Wednesday morning, a spokesperson for the South Bohemian police said. The passenger, who was 19, threatened the driver with a gun and a knife. The latter produced a gun of his own and fired two warning shots into the air. When his assailant ignored those shots the driver fired at him; the young man died at the scene.

Dangerous peanuts from Vietnam uncovered

Almost two tonnes of peanuts from Vietnam containing toxins several times higher than permitted levels were seized by Czech customs officers on Wednesday, a spokesperson said. The peanuts contained aflatoxins, which are carcinogenic.

Titanic exhibition opens in Brno

A new exhibition featuring items retrieved from the Titanic has opened in the Czech Republic’s second city Brno. The travelling show, which has already been seen by 17 million people, features 300 original items found in the wreck of the famous ship. In two months’ time it will move on to Prague.

Brazilian picture takes main prize at human rights documentary films festival

The Brazilian film Behave has taken the main prize at the One World festival of human rights documentary films in Prague. The picture, by director by Maria Ramos, is about juvenile delinquents who are tried in a youth court for their wrongdoings. China’s Zhao Liang won best director award for Crime and Punishment, while a special award was given for Citizen Havel, which was begun by the late Pavel Koutecký and completed by Miroslav Janek.

Thirteenth century Devil’s Bible returns to Stockholm

The so-called Devil’s Bible, created in a Bohemian monastery in the 13th century, has returned from Prague to its permanent home at the Royal Library in Sweden’s Stockholm. Over 60,000 people saw the gigantic medieval book during a three-month exhibition in the Czech capital. The bible – which features a striking painting of the devil on its cover – was stolen from Prague by the Swedish army in the Thirty Years’ War of the 17th century.

Young Czech footballer Kalouda joins CSKA Moscow

The Czech football player Luboš Kalouda has left FC Brno for CSKA Moscow. The midfielder was part of the Czech team which reached the final of the Under 20 World Cup last year. Kalouda signed a five-year contract with CSKA on the final day of the Russian league’s transfer window.


It should be partly cloudy with rain in places over the next few days. Temperatures will reach a maximum of around 10 degrees Celsius.