Former Defence Ministry employees implicated in million-crown corruption scandal

Police are investigating 51 people in connection with allegations of corruption at the Czech Defence Ministry, and fraudulent tenders worth more than 300 million crowns (13.5 million USD). On Friday, a Defence Ministry spokesperson confirmed that a number of tenders dating from 2005 were being looked into. Andrej Čírtek admitted that one third of the accused were former employees of the ministry, though none of those implicated worked for the ministry any more, he said. The other individuals being investigated all came from private enterprise. The tenders in question all related to smaller-scale construction and maintenance of ministry properties.

Greens choose candidates for European elections

Deputy Environment Minister Jan Dusík has been chosen as the Green Party’s number-one candidate for the upcoming European elections, it was announced on Saturday. Number two on the list of Green candidates is MP Kateřina Jacques. The Greens were the last political party in the Czech Republic to decide upon their candidates for the European elections, they did so at a national council meeting in Prague on Saturday. The Czech Republic will have a total of 22 seats in the new European Parliament, at the moment, it has 24. Party leader Martin Bursík has said that he would consider the election of three Green candidates to the European Parliament a ‘massive success’.

Police investigate owners of five guns handed in during amnesty

Police have received five weapons as part of an ongoing firearms amnesty that, they say, were used in violent crime. An amnesty on illegal firearms has been running since the beginning of February in the Czech Republic and is set to last until July. On Friday, a spokesperson said that following forensic tests police were investigating the owners of five of the weapons handed in. So far, some 755 guns have been given to the police as part of the amnesty. This is the third amnesty of its type in the Czech Republic in recent years. Over 3000 illegal weapons were handed over to the police in 1996 and then 2003, including a WWII Soviet-made anti-tank rifle and a British sub-machine gun dating from the same period.

European Disability Forum meets in Prague

The European Disability Forum is holding a meeting in Prague this weekend as part of the Czech Republic’s EU presidency. During the first day of the meeting, the head of the Czech Council for the Disabled, Jiří Morávek, said that the Czech Republic lagged behind older EU members when it came to the integration of disabled people into the community. The Czech Republic pledged to pass an anti-discrimination bill before joining the EU in 2004. The bill was passed by Parliament but vetoed by President Vaclav Klaus. As such, the Czech Republic could now be fined by the European Commission for failing to honour its commitment.

Vlček proposes fines for skiving MPs

The Head of the Czech Lower House, Miloslav Vlček, would like to fine MPs who are unable to explain their absence from sessions of Parliament, reports Mladá fronta Dnes on Saturday. The reaction to Mr Vlček’s proposal has been lukewarm, writes the daily. The head of the Lower House would like to fine deputies who are absent from more than 30 percent of parliamentary sessions without good reason. He proposes the money will be docked from MPs’ expense accounts, which can amount to 40,000 crowns (1,800 USD) a year. Mr Vlček will bring the proposal to Parliament in March. So far, deputies have questioned how the system would be monitored.

Czech police confiscate 1440 vehicles in 2008

Police impounded 1440 vehicles in 2008, a spokesperson announced on Saturday. In 2007, the number of vehicles confiscated by police was 677. Each time, the majority of the vehicles confiscated were lorries; in 2008, the number of foreign lorries impounded by Czech police totaled 840. According to spokeswoman Veronika Benediktová, the Czech police also confiscated a number of vehicles from those driving well above the speed limit on the country’s motorways. So far this year, some 79 vehicles have been confiscated.

Langer calls for changes at the head of Czech football association

Interior Minister Ivan Langer has come out in criticism of those at the head of the Czech football association and called for a change in leadership. In Saturday’s edition of the newspaper Sport, Mr Langer attacked FA bosses for preparing insufficiently for a change in the way stadiums are policed. When the Czech Gambrinus Liga resumed after the winter break last week, football grounds’ security was supposed to be taken care of by the clubs themselves, and not the Czech police. But, after violence erupted at a match in Brno, the police were forced to intervene and five arrests were made. On Saturday, Ivan Langer said that if the Czech FA had prepared better for the change, police intervention would not have been necessary. The head of the football association Pavel Mokrý responded that it was not his organization which was to blame and called Mr Langer’s comments ‘inadmissible state intervention’ into the FA and its board.

Tennis: Benešová and Záhlavová Strycová out of Mexican Open in semi-finals

In tennis, Czech women’s number one Iveta Benešová is out of the Mexican Open after losing to the tournament’s number two seed, Flavia Pennetta in the semi-finals. Benešová, who won the competition in 2004, lost 6-3 6-3 to the Italian on Friday. Pennetta, the defending champion, will now go on to play tournament favourite Venus Williams, who beat the Czech Republic’s Barbora Záhlavová Strycová on Saturday.


It should take a turn for the colder over the next couple of days, with temperatures dropping down to between 2 - 6 degrees Celsius. Expect rain and cloudy skies throughout the weekend.