The Czech Republic will likely share rotating EU presidency in 2008 with France and Sweden

The Czech Republic will probably take its first turn at the helm of the rotating European Union presidency in June 2008, but will share that responsibility with France and Sweden, the Czech Foreign Minister, Cyril Svoboda, announced on Monday after meeting with his French counterpart. Individual member states have traditionally held the EU presidency for a half year, but following the historic enlargement of the union from 15 to 25 member states last May, the system was considered impractical.

Deadline into investigation of 'Koristka affair' bribery case extended by one month

A district state attorney in the town of Ostrava has extended by one month the deadline for a police investigation into an alleged attempt last year to bribe the government coalition MP Zdenek Koristka. The district attorney, Josef Blaha, said he wanted more time to look into certain aspects of the case, but said there was not enough evidence for re-opening criminal proceedings. The two former suspects in the case have close ties to Civic Democratic leader Mirek Topolanek. The two men were alleged by Mr Koristka to have offered him a large sum of money -- and a diplomatic posting to Bulgaria -- to vote against the government in a confidence vote held last year.

Funding of former Health Minister Marie Souckova's failed senatorial bid under police investigation

Police investigators have begun looking into how the senatorial campaign of former health minister Marie Souckova was financed. The investigation comes on the heels of abuse of office and breach of public trust charges filed against the former health minister last week, in connection with an ongoing arbitration case against the state. Ms Souckova is alleged to have contracted a lawyer to represent the state in its case against the blood plasma trading company Diag Human without holding a tender and at "disadvantageous terms". Ms Souckova has not made public the backers of her failed senatorial bid, or said how the money left over from the campaign was spent; but has rejected accusations that she profited in the Diag Human case or diverted any of the related legal fees to her campaign.

Overburdened Prague-Ruzyne international airport to add a terminal in 2006

The Prague-Ruzyne international airport cleared a record-high 9.7 million passengers in 2004, a year-on-year growth of almost 30 percent. The Czech Airports Authority (CSL) said a new terminal would be opened next year to meet the added demand. This would increase Ruzyne's capacity to 10-15 million passengers annually, but in the meantime, more flights will have to be scheduled for off-peak hours.

Culture Minister Pavel Dostal 'most popular' politician - STEM poll

The Minister of Culture, Pavel Dostál, is the most popular Czech politician, according to the latest opinion poll taken in January by the STEM agency. Mr Dostal, who is battling cancer, displaces Petra Buzková, the Minister of Education, from the top spot. The least popular politicians are Health Minister Milada Emmerová and Regional Development Minister Ji"í Paroubek, according to the poll. The least-known cabinet member is the deputy minister for economic affairs, Martin Jahn, who is unaffiliated to any political party.


Daytime temperatures are expected to reach a maximum of -2 degrees Celsius on Tuesday. Light to moderate snowfall is expected throughout the Czech Republic.