New York will host an exhibition of 14th century Czech Gothic art

Philippe de Montebello, photo CTK

Prague Castle, together with the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York have been preparing an ambitious project entitled 'Prague - the Crown of the Czech Kingdom'. It will present art and culture in Prague from the time the Luxembourg family were on the Czech throne - in the 14th and the first half of the 15th centuries. By Alena Skodova.

Philippe de Montebello,  photo CTK
The exhibition will open in the Metropolitan Museum in New York in autumn 2005 and it is to become a major cultural event enjoying the support of many outstanding personalities of American public life. It will be the first time that such an extensive display of Czech art is displayed in the US and will also feature a number of concerts of Czech music as well as performances by Czech theatre companies.

Broad cooperation with other museums and cultural institutions will be involved, as we hear from the Director of the Metropolitan Museum in New York, Philippe de Montebello: The most prominent personality of the Luxembourg dynasty was Charles IV, the Czech King and Holy Roman Emperor. The curator of the exhibition, Barbara Drake- Boehm confessed great admiration for 14th century monarch: In April 2006 the exhibition will open in Prague, although venues have yet to be decided upon.