New rules apply for Czechs commuting for work in Austria, Germany

New restrictions go into effect on Thursday for Czechs commuting to work in Austria and Germany. They are now required to remain in those countries for at least 21 days. Upon return, they will be quarantined for 14 days.

Czechs working in health, social services and emergency services abroad are not subject to the new rules. But they will need to show proof of such cross-border employment. Violation of such rules is a criminal offence.

Salaries in Austria and Germany are typically far higher, and many Czechs living in border regions had commuted abroad for work on a daily basis before the coronavirus outbreak.

The same rules apply to Czechs working in Slovakia and Poland as before. They must commute at least three times a week in one direction and their place of work must lie within 100 kilometres of the border.

Author: Brian Kenety