New research: most Czechs satisfied with sexual lives

Photo: CTK

How satisfied are Czechs with their sex lives? Rather satisfied, it appears. At least according to the results of a new nation-wide survey that have just been presented in Prague. The study also revealed that some Czech men have a tendency to over-estimate how well they are endowed. Radio Prague spoke to one of the report’s supervisors, Professor Petr Weiss of the Sexology Institute of Prague’s Charles University.

Photo: CTK
“I think the most important finding is that men and women are satisfied with their sexual lives and their partnerships. Only one quarter of those polled said they were satisfied on average or below.

“Another important result is that men and women agree that the most important factors for their satisfaction are their psychological harmony, their sexual harmony and open communication with their partner.”

One of the things you found out is that the majority of Czech men said they weren’t sure about the length of their penises but over 25 percent of those who did know said it was longer than the world average. Do you think that is wishful thinking or is it reality?

“What was important was that men believed that their penises were longer than their female partners did. So maybe it is not true, and Czech men’s penises are in fact shorter than they think.”

For the first time in the Czech Republic, you also asked about the type of orgasm Czech women get. What did you find out there?

“It was quite interesting. We thought that many more women would be clitorally arousable, but in this survey, some 72 percent of Czech women said they were arousable clitorally and vaginally, too. These two types of orgasm are equal for them. Both of these types are also equally intensive for them.”

How do these results compare to other EU countries and the rest of the world?

“I think that the sexual behaviour of Czechs is very similar to that in Western Europe and the US. What is different though is the attitude of Czechs to sexual issues. Compared to surveys in the US, the UK and France, Czechs are much more tolerant and liberal.”