New outbreaks in Bohemian Switzerland forest fire

Firefighters in Bohemian Switzerland are still fighting a large-scale fire in the national park, including at the famous Pravčická brána site. There were new fire outbreaks at some locations in the park on Wednesday. Drones equipped with a thermal camera are being used to determine the current situation and find out where the firefighters will be needed due to the new outbreaks. The situation is being made difficult by the current high temperatures of up to 36 degrees, meaning firefighters have to swap in for each other often.

The area affected by the fire has shrunk to an estimated 450 hectares, down from the original 1,000 hectares. About 1,000 firefighters are still on the scene. Residents of Hřensko, Mezná and Mezní Louka, all of which have been evacuated, are still waiting to return home.

Author: Anna Fodor