New medical council may issue assessment of President Zeman’s health next week

The newly formed medical council is due to assess the condition of President Miloš Zeman, who on October 10 was rushed by ambulance to the Central Military Hospital in Prague, where he is still being treated.

The upper house of Parliament had asked the hospital for an update on the president’s condition ahead of a debate, possibly at an extraordinary meeting on November 9, as to whether he is able to fulfil his duties as head of state.

Seznam Zprávy reports the medical council is expected to issue a statement on President Zeman’s health next week after a thorough review of his records, among other steps.

Among the nine or so council members is the Central Military Hospital head and the Czech president’s attending physician, Miroslav Zavoral, and outgoing Charles University rector Tomáš Zima, a specialist in internal diseases.

Author: Brian Kenety