New campaign will promote consumption of local foods in the Czech Republic

A new campaign meant to encourage consumers to buy products grown locally will come to Czech supermarkets next year. Funded by the Ministry of Agriculture, this campaign will support Czech farmers and help consumers discover the best of what their region has got to offer.

Starting next year, Czech consumers will be able to easily spot locally grown food products in supermarkets across the nation, thanks to a new campaign organized by the Ministry of Agriculture in collaboration with the Federation of the Food and Drink Industries of the Czech Republic. As part of this campaign that is meant to support regional agriculture and encourage consumption of locally produced goods, the Federation of the Food and Drink Industries of the Czech Republic created a new logo to help shoppers spot them. Dana Večeřová is the organization’s spokeswoman.

“We created a logo, a special brand for regional products, and the main aim is to promote regional foods to consumers, because a lot of Czech consumers don’t know the typical or special regional food from the Czech Republic, but they are interested in it.”

Across Europe, retailers and farmers are noticing an increased interest in locally grown or produced food, and in the Czech Republic, consumers are looking to shop locally, too. The new campaign will help support this trend, says program director of Friends of the Earth, Vojtěch Kotecký.

“Based on our everyday experience with people, I believe this is going to be very interesting for Czech families because people actively look for Czech foods in supermarkets and other stores, and they have difficulties finding products of Czech farming production.”

Along with an overall trend of buying locally produced food, so called organic or bio products have gained popularity in recent years. Will this campaign encourage consumers to buy the often more expensive bio products that underlie strict guidelines for production? I asked Kateřina Nesrstová, a manager at the Czech association of organic farmers.

“Absolutely, one of the main ideas behind consuming local products is becoming aware of the fact that by buying those products, consumers can help their region. They can help their local economy and the environment that surrounds them and bio products play a huge part in that, because of all the local products, they should be the purest and most environmentally friendly.”

Often, such products have to be imported if there are no local farmers that produce goods which fulfill bio criteria. Some experts believe that carbon emissions connected to transporting those products take away from their benefit for the environment. Locally produced foods, even if they aren’t organic, significantly reduce a nation’s carbon footprint, says Vojtěch Kotecký.

“To encourage the Czech population to consume locally produced food will definitely improve our air quality and cut the Czech contribution to climate pollution.”

And even consumers who may not worry as much about the effect of their food choices on the environment can benefit from buying locally. Vojtěch Kotecký again.

“Local food is fresh, local food is healthy, and local food supports local economy and local jobs.”