Netflix available in Czech Republic

Netflix is a US multinational provider of on-demand Internet streaming media which many now Czechs had no doubt heard of – in no small part thanks to the successful original TV series House of Cards. Now, Czechs will be able to take advantage of the service at home.

A decade ago, many Czechs still rented DVDs at local video stores, but here, like elsewhere, brick and mortar services gradually went the way of the dinosaur. Czechs, like the rest of the world, grew more internet savvy and began viewing and downloading films and TV series online. Until now, one choice not present on the Czech market was Netflix - but that has now changed.

The Czech Republic is among 130 countries where the company has expanded; until now Netflix was available in just over 50. Sources told the BBC news service that they expected the expansion; what was not foreseen was the rapidness, reported Czech news website iDnes. Until now, the company had expanded by stages, step-by-step, to cover marketing, dubbing and subtitle costs.

Many in the Czech Republic until now made use of services like HBO. But it is expected that Netflix could make something of a splash. One reason? Series which consumers here could only previously order on DVD or download at pirate sites should now be on offer. Perhaps most notably they will be able to see fan favourites such as Orange is the New Black and House of Cards (starring the inimitable Kevin Spacey as the slickest and ruthless of fictional politicians, Frank Underwood). Knock, knock.