Netanyahu thanks Czechs for vote against Palestinian status upgrade at UN

The Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu made a brief stop-over in Prague on Wednesday to personally thank his Czech counterpart, Petr Nečas, for the Czech Republic’s vote at the UN General Assembly last week against the upgrading of the Palestinians’ status at the United Nations. The Czech Republic was one of only nine countries to vote against the Palestinians becoming an observer state – and the only European Union country to do so. At a press briefing in Prague the Israeli prime minister said the Czech Republic had taken a brave, if not popular, stance. He reiterated that he remained committed to a two-state solution with the Palestinians, but stressed that Israel would not reverse its course in the construction of new settlements nor would it sacrifice its vital interests for the sake of obtaining the world's applause.

Analysts note that Mr. Netanyahu’s second visit to Prague this year reflects the two countries' above-standard relations. From Prague the Israeli prime minister will travel to Berlin for talks with Chancellor Angela Merkel.