Němcová could be face of Civic Democrat campaign

An undisclosed source in the leadership of the right-of-centre Civic Democratic Party has told the Czech News Agency that the party should be jointly-led in the run-up to early elections by acting chairman Martin Kuba and former candidate for prime minister Miroslava Němcová, who could be the face of the Civic Democrats in the upcoming election campaign. The source also told the agency that the party would strive for non-party candidates to head ballots. Previously, former education minister Petr Fiala was discussed.

The Civic Democrats, following Wednesday’s confidence vote, are seen as having fallen into their deepest crisis in 22 years of existence. Polls have repeatedly shown them losing ground to TOP 09 on the political right. Some political analysts have suggested that only defeat in the election will release the party from the clutches of so-called party godfathers long said to be pulling the strings from behind-the-scenes.

Author: Jan Velinger