Nearly 80 percent of Czechs say dual quality of food is a problem

Photo: igorovsyannykov / CC0 Pixabay

Nearly 80 percent of Czechs consider the dual quality of food in European stores a problem. A study carried out by the KPMG agency suggests that roughly every seventh Czech consumer prefers to buy certain products abroad and nearly one third of them refrain from buying certain products due to the dual quality issue.

Photo: igorovsyannykov / CC0 Pixabay
The Czech Republic, along with other countries from the former communist bloc, has long been complaining that food sold under the same brand in their country is inferior to the versions sold in Western Europe.

Analysis of certain food items and household products, such as detergents, has repeatedly supported such claims.

A study carried out by the agency KPMG among 1,000 respondents shows that the dual quality issue also affects consumers’ behaviour.

The survey suggests that over 80 percent of people aged 55 to 64 consider the practice of selling products under the same brand and label, but with a different composition, a problem. According to the survey, nearly three quarters of Czechs study the list of ingredients on the packaging in at least some products, while 12 percent study the composition of all the products they buy.

“Some 57 percent of respondents who consider dual quality of food an issue now focus on the composition of the products they buy much more than they used to, in order to avoid those of inferior quality.

“It is apparent that dual quality is not just a phrase. It has a real impact on consumers’ shopping habits,” Karel Růžička of KPMG told the Czech News Agency.

According to the study, Czech consumers are mainly interested in the composition of meat products, with 93 percent studying the list of ingredients.

Nearly 90 percent of shoppers also study the country of origin when buying fish and other seafood products and around three quarters enquire about the origin of dairy products, fruit and vegetables.

The study also suggests that roughly 50 percent of Czechs choose bread and bakery products according to the country of origin, with 98 of them buying solely Czech-made products and 69 percent preferring those made by local producers.