Natural childbirth conference held in Prague

A three-day conference on natural childbirth called "Bringing Babies to the World" was held in Prague last week. Organised by the Czech Association of Midwifes and the Movement of Active Motherhood, the main aim of the conference was to get as much information on attitudes to natural childbirth as possible from other countries. Dita Asieduova spoke to one of the organisers, Zuzana Stromerova, and asked her for more details:

Speakers from around Europe and the United States were invited to take part, to give their opinions and advice on approaching natural childbirth. I caught up with one of the speakers, Elisabeth Geisel, from the independent German Association for Childbirth Education and Family Support, and asked her what factors she believes influence the popularity of natural childbirth here in the Czech Republic: Radka Valerova is a mother of two, who had her first child in a regular hospital and her second child in the natural birth centre mentioned by Mrs Geisel. I asked her how she would compare the two experiences: The conference gave Czech doctors, mothers and midwifes an insight to the way natural childbirth is approached in other countries, but is the Czech Republic ready for this? Can mothers deliver their children at home and receive the necessary care? Radmila Dorazilova is a member of the Czech Association of Midwifes: