Nagyová makes brief appearance in court

The former chief of staff of ex-prime minister Petr Nečas, Jana Nagyová, made a brief appearance in court on Monday to give evidence relating to the release of information regarding to the size of her monthly bonuses over a year ago. Two people have been charged in connection with the leak, anti-corruption activist and former head of military intelligence Karel Randák and Lenka Pikorová, a former employee at the office of the government. Jana Nagyova, who has spent the last month in prison on charges of corruption and abuse of office, had little to say in court, claiming she could not remember the size of her monthly bonuses at the time and emphasizing that the charges against Randák and Pikorová for violation of privacy had been brought by the Office of the Government and not by herself. The former prime minister who was also called to testify excused himself, citing family reasons.