Mystery Czech built up debt in the Czech Republic, news website reports

A Czech man found last December in Oslo suffering from amnesia, had past debts in the Czech Republic amounting to around 400,000 crowns, news website iDnes reports. The website reported that the Czech – who has been going by the name John Smith after he was rescued laying in a snowdrift in December and suffered memory loss – was employed for four years as a web administrator for the Czech Interior Ministry and was formerly officially listed as a legal expert in cybernetics. Distraint procedures were launched against him in 2012 after he failed to pay off bills including his monthly mortgage, he explained in an interview for TV Barrandov; his apartment was confiscated and sold off, he said. Mr Smith – or Michal P. as he is being referred to by iDnes – has suggested he will not return to the Czech Republic for fear of his life. He maintained earlier he had been held against his will and sexually assaulted before he was found. He had no recollection of how he ended up in Norway. The Norwegian police are running an investigation.

Author: Jan Velinger