Municipal Court issues preliminary order preventing eMoneyServices from blocking Opencard

Prague’s Municipal Court has issued a preliminary order preventing the firm eMoneyServices from blocking Prague’s transit pass known as the Opencard. The court took the step based on a complaint filed on Monday by City Hall. The City of Prague administration and eMoneyServices, which holds ownership rights to the multi-purpose data card, are at odds after failing to reach an agreement on the continued operation of the Opencard system at the cost of a proposed half-a-billion crowns. Prague recently took over IT administration of the system but lacks the right to change or re-programme the existing software. eMoneyService spokesman Martin Opatrný told the Czech News Agency he didn’t understand why the city had filed the complaint, saying that EMS had not intervened at all in the card’s use. At the same time, Prague and EMS are still in negotiations, with the city aiming to try and acquire the data card rights.

Author: Jan Velinger