MPs will vote next week to dissolve Chamber of Deputies

The country’s MPs will vote to dissolve the Chamber of Deputies next week; the Social Democrats, the Communists, and TOP 09 are expected to agree on an extraordinary session. The vote, which could take place early as Tuesday should open the path to early elections within 60 days. The option of early elections came to the forefront on Wednesday after it became apparent that the Rusnok cabinet would continue in power even if it failed in gain a majority in a confidence vote. President Zeman had said earlier in a speech to lawmakers that he would leave the cabinet in place until a criminal investigation into a scandal which brought down the previous government wrapped up.

The collapse of 101-majority on the centre-right also raised the chance of early elections; previously the centre-right coalition led by Miroslava Němcová maintained it could form a government if given the opportunity. Two members within her party, however, abstained in the confidence vote. On Wednesday evening, the Rusnok cabinet received 93 votes in favour and 100 against.

Author: Jan Velinger