MPs agree on extending state of emergency three weeks, until February 14

MPs have voted to allow the government to extend the current state of emergency until February 14, a week less than the thirty-day extension the government had sought.

The shorter extension stems from a proposal by the Communist Party, which supports the minority ANO-Social Democrat government in exchange for policy concessions. They calling for a wider opening of schools, and winter resorts and accommodation services.

The government’s five-level system of Covid-19 restrictions is predicated on a state of emergency being in place. The risk index remains at 73 out of 100, which is just three points away from level five, the highest level on the counter-epidemic system PES.

The government will hold an extraordinary meeting on Friday to confirm the result of the Chamber of Deputies vote. If the state of emergency were not extended, most government anti-coronavirus measures, including curfews and restrictions on gatherings, trade and services, would end.

Author: Brian Kenety