Ministry will have to make changes to S-Card system

The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs has until the end of June to correct mistakes made in the S-Card system, namely breaking the law on personal data protection, the Office for Personal Data Protection revealed on Wednesday. Either the system, which streamlines social benefits and welfare payments, would have to be shelved by the ministry or the current situation would have to be approved in the Chamber of Deputies, the head of the Office for Data Protection Igor Němec announced. The office head explained that the ministry broke the law by sharing client information with the bank Česká spořitelna which administers the S-Card system. The bureau has launched proceedings which could lead to the ministry being fined up to 10 million crowns. The prime minister, Petr Nečas, said in response that he had expected the tough stance by the bureau, stressing that the ministry would have to quickly prepare legislative changes. He is planning to meet with the minister for Labour and Social Affairs, Ludmila Mullerova of TOP 09, saying he expected her to have concrete plans on how to move forward.

Author: Jan Velinger