Minister: New form of smart quarantine project to cost CZK 200 million in 2020

The minister of health, Adam Vojtěch, says the new form of a national smart quarantine programme focused on Covid-19 will cost around CZK 200 million this year. The Ministry of Health is due to take over the project on Monday. The funding will go toward IT and 150 specialised staff deployed around the country, Mr. Vojtěch said on Czech Television on Sunday.

The minister said that “Smart Quarantine 2.0” would be more robust than the current form of the scheme, which was created quickly in response to the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic in the Czech Republic.

The system will be able to track data on 400 infected persons a day but could be expanded to handle as many as 1,000. Involvement will remain voluntary.

Author: Ian Willoughby