Minister of Finance says he might resign should all suggestion to change 2010's state budget be approved

Minister of Finance Eduard Janota said on Wednesday that he might consider resigning should all the changes to the 2010 state budget that were suggested in the lower house’s annual session be approved. He added that if all the changes went through, none of the original money saving measures would remain untouched. The Czech lower house was holding a second session to discuss the distribution of next year’s state budget on Wednesday and will vote on the budget in a week. The Social Democrats, which suggested changes in budget distribution that would amount to 12 billion Czech crowns, and the Communist Party oppose cuts of the budget for social services, and both are demanding a higher budget for the Ministry of Agriculture.

In related news, European ministers of finance warned the Czech Republic that if it didn’t lower its state budget deficit to less than three percent of the Gross Domestic Product by 2013, it could face serious sanctions.

Author: Sarah Borufka