Minister of European Affairs praises Czech ambassador to the EU

Juraj Chmiel, the minister for European affairs, stated on Tuesday that cooperation with the Czech ambassador to the EU, Milena Vicenová, was very positive. He criticized the weekly Respekt for the manner in which it reported on her possible dismissal on Monday. The minister’s statement comes shortly after Foreign Minister Jan Kohout dismissed claims that the ambassador was to be fired for incompetence. Minister Kohout, currently on a visit to Ethiopia, said that a change of guard at ambassadorial posts was standard procedure and expressed regret that the issue had been politicized in the press. He refused to disclose any further details until his return. Ms. Vicenová’s alleged dismissal was confirmed indirectly by the two strongest parties on the Czech political scene, the Civic and Social Democrats, who are at odds over the plan. The centre right Civic Democrats, who nominated Ms Vicenová to the post, even suggested her dismissal was an act of revenge by the foreign minister who himself was dismissed from the same post by them a few years ago.

Author: Sarah Borufka