Midi Lidi: the band to help you overcome the Covid blues

Midi Lidi

No list of the best alternative pop music acts of the past year would be complete without the band Midi Lidi. The five-member electronic band simultaneously released two albums in 2021, proving that the coronavirus crisis did not prevent them from producing music. Their double album consists of twenty songs that radiate joy and warmth and invite the listeners to dance along.

Photo: /z Midi Lidi z/

The band Midi Lidi has been around since 2009 and its members are actor, director and scriptwriter Petr Marek, Prokop Holoubek, Tomáš Kelar, Markéta Lisá and Magdalena Hrubá. The prolific group has released a total of six albums and also created music for Marek Najbrt's 2009 film Protector or the satirical comedy series President Blaník. Their album Give Masterpiece A Chance!, released in 2016, was nominated for the Anděl Awards.

The first of their two new albums, called No one will laugh at you if you like people (Nikdo se ti nebude smát, když budeš mít lidi rád), was released at the beginning of last June. Just a day later, they released another LP, called Heal the World, Finally.

“In the texts, we reflect on why it happens that we all sometimes treat each other in a bad way, how misunderstandings arise, and whether everyone could do something about it to help themselves, others, and the universe,” the band leader Petr Marek said about their new songs.