MEPs to debate EU response to Czech charge Russian spies caused deadly 2014 explosion

Members of the European Parliament are due to debate on Wednesday whether and how the EU should further respond to Prague’s allegations that Moscow was behind a 2014 ammunition depot explosion on Czech territory that left two dead. Russian military intelligence agents had allegedly targeted munitions stored there destined for sale to Ukraine by a Bulgarian arms dealer.

Leaders of the European Parliament main political groupings last week issued a statement condemning “another attack by people affiliated to the Russian state on a sovereign territory in the European Union” and calling “on all Member States and the European Council to show their solidarity by adopting strong, common and concrete measures towards Russia in response to this attack”.

On Wednesday, MEPs will discuss the Czech case within a broader debate on current tensions between the European bloc and Russia, the imprisonment of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, and recent Russian military manoeuvres on the border with Ukraine. On Thursday, MEPs are due to vote on a draft resolution calling on EU member states to support the Czech Republic through the coordinated expulsion of Russian diplomats.

Author: Brian Kenety