Memorial held at Ďáblice for victims of Communists

A memorial ceremony was held at Ďáblice cemetery in Prague on Sunday, one day before the official Day of Commemoration of the Victims of the Communist Regime on May 27. The event was attended by representatives of the government and army, foreign diplomats and former political prisoners.

In a speech the minister of defence, Jana Černochová, said that the Communists had placed no value on human freedom and life. Foreign Minister Jan Lipavský said that today’s reincarnation of communist totalitarianism had unleashed a war of aggression in Eastern Europe.

The remains of around 200 victims of Czechoslovakia’s Communist regime were dumped in mass graves at Ďáblice cemetery.

May 27 is the anniversary of the execution in 1950 of politician Milada Horáková, the only female victim of judicial killing by the Communists.

Author: Ian Willoughby