McDonalds fast food chain making big changes to boost sales

Photo: archive of Radio Prague

When the McDonald fast food chain arrived in the Czech Republic twenty-two years ago it was a huge hit. In the years that followed the company posted sales figures of two digits. But in recent years business has been slowing down and profits have been stagnating. The company’s Czech division has now announced major revitalization plans.

Photo: archive of Radio Prague
In 2013 Czechs spent four billion crowns on Big Macs, cheese burgers and milkshakes and this year the figures are expected to be much the same. They have been for the last five years. The man expected to revitalize business at McDonalds’ Czech outlets is Tomasz Rogacz from Poland who worked his way up in the company from a sales assistant. The new director of the Czech division says big changes are needed to bring people back to McDonalds.

The three-year strategy envisages more franchising (presently in 63 percent of the company’s outlets) and changes in the menu. Clients will be able to put together their own burger to suit their taste and in general the company wants to cater more to Czech tastes introducing the popular Czech open-faced sandwich in some form – an idea that proved hugely successful in Hungary. As of February there will be changes to the drinks and desserts menu and plans are also afoot to increase the comfort level for families. Each outlet will need an investment of several million crowns, Tomas Rogacz told the business daily Hospodárské noviny.

The company also wants to make better use of sports events which draw crowds of people. For instance it is planning to put up McDonalds stands during the World Hockey Championships in Prague and Ostrava which it is co-sponsoring and wants to get its fast food on the grounds of stadiums. Hockey fans may also be interested to know that it is planning to launch a client competition for 3,000 tickets to the event.