Masaryk University reaches agreement with Zubov

Masaryk University in Brno has reached an agreement with Russian historian Andrej Zubov on occasional cooperation in the form of seminars and lectures, according to the Czech News Agency. Mr Zubov, a critic of the Putin regime, was originally offered a regular post but declined, preferring to remain in Moscow. On Friday, he gave a lecture on the situation in Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin, as well as Czechoslovakia’s first president, T.G. Masaryk, who he referred to as a statesman of international stature. Regarding Ukraine, the historian maintained he was optimistic that violence there would not extend further, stressing it was impossible to guess what would happen if a NATO country was attacked by Russia. Professor Zubov said a good president would be helping to liberalize Russia, not making it withdraw from the rest of the world. The historian could return to lecture in Brno as early as the next academic season.

Author: Jan Velinger