Mandatory isolation for covid could end before July

Covid-19 could be removed from the list of infectious diseases which it is a crime to spread in the Czech Republic even earlier than July 1, which was the original date proposed for the amendment to come into effect. This would mean that there would no longer be a mandatory isolation period for people infected with the disease.

The date of 1 July 2023 was originally proposed by the Ministry of Justice as legal regulations usually come into effect on January 1 or July 1 of a given calendar year. However, the ministry has now accepted the Ministry of Health's argument that relaxing the rules on mandatory isolation could be considered a matter of urgent public interest, which would allow an earlier date to be set.

The ministry said that it was no longer justifiable from the point of view of public health protection to maintain the current status until July, given that covid-19 no longer represents as great a level of danger to the public as the other diseases on the list, as it is now possible to treat the disease effectively and prevent it from turning into a serious life-threatening condition.

Covid-19 has been on the list of contagious diseases which it is illegal to spread in the country since the spring of 2020.

Author: Anna Fodor