Majority of Czechs use textile masks to protect against COVID-19, survey shows

The most common form of facial covering against the coronavirus is a textile mask, which is used by 62 percent of the population. Meanwhile, surgical masks are used by 27 percent of people, with 6 percent preferring respirators. Just 2 percent of the population use no protection, according to a new survey conducted by the IPSOS agency on behalf of respirator maker Respilon.

The study further showed that 40 percent of people change their mask once a day and 15 percent once a week. Only 16 percent of people change their mask every time they use it.

Textile masks were originally introduced as a measure of desperation, as there were not enough surgical masks on the market. However, Health Minister Roman Prymula has said that they can actually be quite useful, as they are easy to rewash and therefore reuse, unlike single use surgical masks.