Main opposition Civic Democrats to stress 'pro-family' flat tax in election campaign

Regional election leaders of the main opposition Civic Democratic Party have convinced the party leadership to revise its campaign platform to place a "family" emphasis on the introduction of a flat tax. The flat tax and a universal social benefit could become part of the pro-family policy project, said party deputy Vlastimil Tlusty. The change in tactics comes on the heels of the passage of a popular tax-cut proposal drafted by the ruling Social Democrats. The proposal - which would benefit people earning less than 30,000 crowns per month, or roughly 9 out of every 10 taxpayers - has undercut the appeal of a flat tax, political analysts have said. The centre-right Civic Democrats are now expected to concentrate on presenting themselves as champions of small businesses through other proposals. These include efforts to reduce bureaucracy at all levels of government, and the fight against corruption.

Author: Brian Kenety