This week in Mailbox: the future of shortwave broadcasting, discussion about full body X-ray scanners. Listeners quoted: Ed Reid, Christopher Lewis, Stuart Severin, Alastair Pamphilon, Jonathan Murphy.

Hello and welcome to Mailbox, Radio Prague’s weekly programme which gives you a chance to voice your comments and ask questions regarding our broadcasts as well as life in the Czech Republic in general.

Ed Reid from Wales listened to last week’s Mailbox where we announced the great news that Radio Prague would remain on shortwave despite a substantial budget cut:

“It was great to hear tonight that you will still be broadcasting on shortwave. I listen to your programmes almost every day and I’m a real “Czechophile” in that I’m really into Czech stuff (music, beer... of course!) even though I’ve only been to the Czech Republic once. However my wife has been three times largely in connection with her work and we had a great group in relation to her work over from the Czech Republic once to Wales. We’ll be going again next month, and we’ll be staying in Liberec and exploring a bit of the region in addition to (hopefully) me also doing a bit of cross country skiing, probably around Bedřichov.”

Our regular listener Christopher Lewis from England also reacted to the news:

“Thank you very much for retaining a shortwave service. Thanks also to the relevant persons involved in this matter. I don't like losing touch with old friends!”

And we’d like to thank all our listeners who expressed their support to Radio Prague during the months of negotiations.

On the topic of shortwave broadcasting – this week’s Talking Point was dedicated to the subject, and Chris Johnstone talked to Radio Prague’s director Miroslav Krupička and other media experts about the future and importance of the medium. If you missed that particular programme, you can find it both in audio and text on our website

Stuart Severin from the UK now residing in Prague commented on a recent story about the head of the Czech nuclear authority being opposed to full body x-ray scanners at Czech airports:

“Question: Will there be any exceptions why a body cannot be scanned? The answer is yes, there will always be a case, and exception, a medical certificate signed by a doctor – which poses the question how effective is the x-ray scanner, because any logical terrorist would look for these options to avoid the x-ray scan. Additional steps must be added enforced that any individual who falls into the exception must go through a full body search – but being the world we live in I'm sure there will be another reason or exception with another letter from an authority that will exempt the individual. Where there are gaps there are risks, no logical human would willingly walk into a trap.”

Alastair Pamphilon from the UK also commented on the story:

“The new current affairs topic on scanners in airports was interesting in view of the system posing a possible radiation risk. This is obviously a concern. Robbie Williams sang in a recent hit called Bodies, ‘all we've ever wanted is to look good naked’. I am not convinced the public will want this particular x-ray system.”

Mr Pamphilon sent us a number of questions and suggestions for stories – we will deal with them in our future programmes.

Jonathan Murphy from Ireland responds to Mailbox from January 10 where we introduced Czech Radio’s new English language pages:

“Just a line or two to say that the link is working now, I checked it again just now, and also to say a big thank you for the brilliant Prague 2010 desk calendar – I love it! It is very clever that each month is also usable as a postcard! I do hope to be back in Prague again soon & it’s great to have these photos there as a reminder of your wonderful city.”

We are glad that so many of our listeners find this country attractive and that our programmes may perhaps serve as an inspiration for your visits. Thank you very much for all your e-mails, letters and reception reports and please keep them coming.

All we have time for now is our regular quiz question which traditionally focuses on outstanding personalities connected to the Czech Lands by birth, residence or their work.

This month our mystery person is the English Renaissance poetess who came to Prague with her alchemist stepfather. She is said to have been fluent in Czech, English, German, Italian, and Latin – which is also the language in which she wrote her poetry. She died in childbirth at the age of just 31 in Prague where she is buried.

You have another week to send us your answers to or Radio Prague, 12099 Prague and in two week’s time we’ll know who the lucky winner is. But a new quiz question will be ready for you next Sunday in this very programme. Until then, happy listening.