The dangers of kinky sex: you may have to call the police to help you out of a difficult situation. Are you off to the country? Use your deodorant! Wild animals can't stand the smell of human sweat! And, who is the Czech Prime Minister furious with? Find out more in Magazine with Daniela Lazarova.

The smell of human sweat is not alluring but in the town of Bila they can't get enough of it. A highly concentrated form of human perspiration is being produced artificially for local farmers who use it to keep wild animals, such as deer and wild boar, out of their fields. Safeguarding their crops from them was a near impossible task and the losses amounted to around 15 percent - until they tried planting vials of human scent -or sweat - all over the field. It worked perfectly and the animals kept well away. "In the past people toiled in the fields all day and the human scent got there naturally. Now everything is done by machinery so we need to plant it there artificially in order to get the same effect," one of the farmers explained. And -to give chemical plants their due - the scent is really powerful. People asked to smell it in the streets of Prague recoiled with horror, taking wild guesses as to what the source could be - a combination of dead rats, dirty socks and bad eggs. Well, no wonder it works.

Candles, roses and dinner for two, followed by a night of sizzling sex -that was how a young couple from Prague planned to spend their time together. Everything went according to plan: the dinner was perfect and the sex was great. The problem arose when one of them decided to get more champagne and the guy couldn't find the key to the handcuffs that he's used to chain his 17 year old girlfriend. A desperate search of the flat ensued as well as many attempts to unlock the handcuffs with a hairpin. In the early morning the unhappy couple was forced to call the police and admit their plight. The officers were there in minutes, discreetly freed the young woman and left, but not without having a good laugh and spilling the beans to the media. So if you decide to engage in kinky sex - do try and remember where you put the keys. It makes a big difference to the end of your evening....

Prime Minister Jiri Paroubek
The Prime Minister is furious with the organizer of the summer techno party Czech Tek Stanislav Penc. After the police intervened to disperse the party, leaving dozens of injured on both sides, Penc made public the Prime Minister's private cell phone number. In the coming days, as the Prime Minister took the flak for the police intervention, his cell phone never stopped ringing as techno fans made non stop pest calls as well as sending hundreds of vulgar SMS messages. The Prime Minister is now suing Penc for violation of privacy.

Some of the situations traffic police officers have to deal with are really beyond belief. Last week a couple of officers on duty noticed a very strange vehicle moving erratically up the road -veering from one end to the other. It had no registration plate, and half-empty tyres. It was going up a street called the street of Czechoslovak Exiles when the police gave chase. The driver suddenly parked on a zebra crossing -moreover in the opposite lane - got out of the car waving a half empty carton of red wine and was obviously determined to continue his journey on foot. When the officers asked to see his papers the drunk driver attempted to run away but he bumped head-on into a nearby tree and had to be taken to hospital for treatment. When the officers demanded an explanation he said: "Sorry guys, but I was so drunk I had no idea what I was doing." The man did not have a driver's license, the car he was driving was not registered and the car's number plate was an old one that his friend had lent him for the trip.

Meanwhile, traffic officers who were checking out vehicles along the Vltava embankment had to deal with an even worse situation. A very drunk young man suddenly appeared waving a grenade that he claimed to have found. "Hello, there guys, guess what I have?" he called out to the officers. What he had was fairly obvious and the officers spent ten minutes trying to make him put it down gently, while he yelled - "its real guys, its, real!" It took another ten minutes to make him relinquish his find, which he wanted to go and show his friends, and when a team of experts arrived on the spot they found that the grenade was indeed a very real artillery grenade.

When a passenger train crashes into a bulldozer - who comes out of the crash worsted? The accident happened on the suburbs of Prague last week, allegedly caused by human error -that of the signalman on duty. Thankfully there were no casualties but the driver's cabin of the passenger train was badly damaged, to the tune of approximately 200 thousand crowns. The bulldozer was hardier and sustained damage estimated at around five thousand.

More billboards ridiculing the ruling Social Democratic Party and highlighting their possible cooperation with the communists after next years general elections have appeared in various parts of Prague and on the D1 highway from Prague to Brno. One billboard shows the Social Democrat Prime Minister Jiri Paroubek as a bride with Miroslav Grebenicek, until recently the head of the Communist party as the groom. Another shows a former memorial to the Soviet dictator Stalin whose head has been replaced by Paroubek's and who is flanked by the former communist party leader Grebenicek, the first communist president Klement Gottwald and a Martian. The last is linked to the Prime Minister's recent statement that he would push his government's bills through with the support of anybody available, "even the Martians if they should descend upon us", as he put it. The opposition Civic Democrats are widely believed to be the authors of this latest campaign although they have not officially acknowledged it as their own. They have however acknowledged commissioning and paying for two previous billboard campaigns poking fun of the ruling party -such as "Czech Teck in every village" and " You can blame the ruling Social Democrats for the state of this highway". With elections due next June, it may turn out to be a long, hot winter.