Lower House approves stricter measures for refugees

The Lower House of Parliament has approved stricter rules for Ukrainian refugees in the Czech Republic. The amendment to the so-called Lex Ukraine, a package of legislation aimed at helping Ukrainian refugees to integrate in Czechia, was approved on Tuesday evening by 158 deputies out of 161 present after a four-hour debate.

Under the new legislation, Ukrainian refugees with free accommodation, food and basic hygiene products will no longer receive the CZK 5,000 humanitarian allowance. Starting next month, the aid will also be tied to permanent residence in the Czech Republic, in order to prevent so-called benefit tourism.

The state will cover health insurance for refugees, except for children and the elderly, for a maximum of 150 days. The new legislation also envisages that the Czech Republic will no longer issue visas and residence permits to Russians and Belarusians.

Author: Ruth Fraňková