Little surprise over Zeman’s plan to reappoint Babiš before Social Democrats vote outcome

Representatives of a number of parties in the lower house say they have not been surprised by President Miloš Zeman’s announcement that he will appoint Andrej Babiš of ANO prime minister for the second time soon. He aims to do so prior to the conclusion of an internal ballot of Social Democrats on whether they should enter coalition with ANO.

Mr. Babiš himself says that the head of state is merely keeping an earlier promise. Representatives of the Pirate Party and the Christian Democrats say Mr. Zeman’s announcement on Monday is intended to pressure the Social Democrats into backing such a minority government, which the president favours. However, the head of the Social Democrats deputies group, Jan Chvojka, said he did not have the impression this was Mr. Zeman’s design.

If formed, an ANO-Social Democrats coalition would likely be supported by the Communist Party on key lower house votes. This would be the first time the Communists had played a role in government since 1990.

Author: Ian Willoughby