Lipavský calls for setting up of international tribunal at UN Security Council

In his Thursday address to the UN Security Council, Czech Foreign Minister Jan Lipavský called for the establishment  of a special international tribunal to "prosecute the crime of aggression committed by Russia". His was the first address made by a representative of Czechia to the Security Council in nearly 30 years, Czech Radio reports.

Recalling the 1968 invasion of Czechoslovakia, Mr Lipavský said that it is necessary to once and for all reject the imperialist desires of Russia and its colonialist policy. He said that Russia’s aggression is "perhaps the most dangerous challenge to global peace in recent decades".

He also said that, per capita, Czechia is hosting the largest number of Ukrainian refugees, more than 400,000.

Czechia, he said, was shocked by the atrocities committed in Bucha, Irpin and other places in Ukraine and praised that country’s determination to defend itself.