Liechtenstein family files lawsuit against Czechia over confiscated property

The Prince of Liechtenstein Foundation, which is administering part of the Liechtenstein Family’s property, has filed 26 lawsuits at regional courts in the Czech Republic demanding the return of property confiscated after the Second World War, the Czech News Agency reported on Thursday.

The dispute between the Czech state and the Prince of Liechtenstein Foundation, which concerns some 600 hectares of forests near Říčany, in the vicinity of Prague, was lodged at the Constitutional Court last year. The foundation claims that the Czech state has been unlawfully using the family’s property, but Czech courts have so far always rejected its claims.

The vast property of the Liechtenstein family, including the Unesco-listed complex of the Lednice and Valtice chateaux and park in south Moravia, was confiscated after WWII, because the owner, Prince Franz Joseph II of Liechtenstein, was considered a Nazi-collaborator.

Author: Ruth Fraňková