Lidice survivor Marie Šupíková dies at 88 

Marie Šupíková, one of the last survivors of the Lidice massacre, died in the early hours of Monday at the age of 88, the head of the Lidice Memorial Eduard Stehlík, told the ctk news agency. Mr. Stehlík, who was a close friend, said Marie Šupíková had been one of the most active Lidice survivors, sharing her life story and helping to educate young people about the Holocaust right up until the coronavirus crisis.

After the attack on Lidice on 9 June, 1942, Marie was separated from her mother and put on a train to Polish Lódź with other children. In Lódź, she was chosen for re-education and sent to a German family where she was renamed Ingeborg Schiller. In 1946 - thanks to the activities of the Czechoslovak repatriation committee - she was reported to Czech authorities by her adoptive family and returned to Czechoslovakia in July of the same year. Her father was shot in Lidice and her mother was deported to the Ravensbrück concentration camp, from which she returned broken in health and spirit, dying in December of 1946.